foodie steal

foodie deal of the week

my mom is allergic to shellfish. i feel lucky to eat anything that comes out of fresh/salt water, excluding oil slicks. even with this allergy, my mom’s love for cooking surpassed what she could ingest. we would always come back from visiting fam in maryland with oysters for frying.

despite my ambivalence about galeries lafayette, especially during christmas shopping season, i didn’t want to pass. oysters 2 for a dolla? only until 11 Dec.

unfortunately i wasn’t the only one who had this idea. on the weekend it was way too crowded. i headed through the hideously pink barbie exhibition at the side entrance towards the escalator. this time it was a week night and there were only 5 other people in line. all of my previous trips to GL-Berlin were punctuated by comments like "why are they selling x item for this much?????" or "are there diamonds hidden inside?" this time, no complaints. (however, seeing as one man was sneakily pouring wine from a bottle that he had taken out of his bag, i would assume the wine was overpriced.) 


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