4 months

to my surprise, i looked out the window of a mostly empty TXL bus last night to find a sparkly unter den linden. twinkly stars were hanging over franz√∂sische strasse. we don’t have that in my neighborhood. a few emails reminded me of thanksgiving but i hadn’t even gotten around to thinking about christmas and new year’s. soon i’ll have been in berlin for 4 months already.

in 4 months, i found and just quit my first "job" in berlin at one of the relatively new luxushotels. when i first arrived my german was in pretty bad shape, i’d just spent three months in a tiny french village working in the kitchen at a 4* hotel chateau restaurant. i mustered up some prepackaged phrases and tried to avoid sentences requiring konjunctiv II during the interview. i assumed Koch/Aushilfe was kind of self-explanatory. apparently in german, Koch can also mean please stand here and do nothing while dressed in uniform in the employee kantine. or maybe that was the aushilfe part of the job. perhaps i should have been clued in when the HR manager asked me in front of the chef why wasn’t i applying for unemployment instead, during the interview. back to the drawing board.

now i have lots of free time to look for a new job and to finish the scarf i’d started knitting. i found the self-appointed wollparadies,Fadeninsel, which had moved from Adalbertstr to Oranienstr. a small shop stocked full with reams and reams of yarn. not an old grandma kind of shop. really cool yarn. sexy yarn. the woman working there was quite helpful even though i ended up with a bit more yarn than i needed. i get inspired by the crafty bloggers out there.    

in 4 months, i’ve been thankful for black atlantic for easing me into berlin. paris ist vorbei. my favorite musicians will not be playing/spinning every other week. no new morning. no elysee montmartre. no batofar. i was all hype to find out that the roots were coming. and then that zap mama would also be in berlin. until i realized that they are both performing on the same freakin night. what’s an OKP sista to do? flip a coin?

hopefully, eventually, berlin and i will find the same vibelength. 


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