the berlin sky is a monster. it has surreptitiously eaten up any last traces of sun. there is no hope behind the clouds. there are just more clouds waiting. luckily, i got invited to milan last weekend. as the plane ascended, i got excited about the first bit of sun i’d seen in what seemed to be years. on the way back, the gloom and doom of 4pm sunsets (maybe cloudset is more appropriate) overwhelmed me before i got off the plane.
fortunately the X9 airport bus was still waiting. a woman from our the flight banged on the closed door as if she had experience in busting down doors in a drug bust. the driver wasn’t pleased and let off a stream of loud complaints. the woman didn’t even have a ticket. i could see space just a few feet away from the screaming bus driver, the woman counting out change, and a lady with a huge suitcase. so i asked if i could pass. but my bag is here! i can’t … yadda yadda yadda… the lady with the enormous thing on wheels exclaimed. maybe she didn’t get my question.  that’s nice but i want to go through, i replied. this was the first time i’d seen someone roll their eyes in germany. as i passed, she complained extremely loudly to herself about berlin. only 2 minutes back in berlin and i get the whole rudeness of the city blamed on me. i don’t even live here… oh yea i do. maybe she was talking about the bus driver. great to be back. 



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