people are strange

people are strange

it’s hard to deny that people in berlin often border on strange. in paris, depsite my affection for the word bizarre, i rarely saw really bizarre things. everyone was strangely conformist. there was that one club in the 14th arrondissement which seemed to change hands every month. once there was a whole group of goth attired youth in line. never before or again did i see anyone dress like that in paris. maybe they all lived in montrouge. the next month it seemed to have been bought out by a storefront baptist church.
in new york, bizarre things are quite normal. it’s a great thing for all of those people who want to look like a cross between punky brewster, hello kitty, and a vampire and feel limited in their small town in idaho.
in berlin, i tend to see things that are surreal. i don’t think i’m having hallucinations but they could be. the other day on graefestr. sat the largest black lab i’ve seen since a visit to texas. this dog panted noisily as i tried to sneak by. later on mariannenstr., i thought the owner was following me when a man with a large black monstrosity of an animal was approching. it looked so huge. i couldn’t imagine that the dog was actually this big standing up. i tried to figure out which side of the street to escape to. i was too slow and as the man passed, i stared in wonderment. this was a mule. a mule with a saddle and a bucket attached to its side. the man was walking a mule down a city street.
where does one keep mules in berlin? am i allowed to own a mule? how would i get it up 5 flights of stairs? what was the bucket for?
has anyone else seen the mule? maybe i was hallucinating.


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