remnants of france

remnants of france

you would think moving out of france would exempt you from the madness of french bureaucracy. 2 1/2 months later and i can’t get it out of my system.

the first month i spent in germany was mindblowing. in just 2 weeks, i was able to obtain my residence permit and my work permit. in another week’s time, i had a job interview, a job offer, my health certificate (a requirement to work with food in Germany) and my tax card. in france, the amount of time to complete all of these duties probably involves an e and a carat symbol. i can imagine that this number approaches infinity.

unfortunately the way i left france (tired, confused, happy and wishing i could use the bathroom) meant loose ends. they, these evil french people, are making it really unreasonably hard to tie up these loose ends. we tried for weeks to get info on how to pay our french taxes. although the french tax department was able to send us our bill promptly to a german address, no one in france seemed to have information on the actual means of paying taxes from abroad. a man working at the treasury department told us, from the treasury department office, on his treasury department phone: i wouldn’t pay them if i were you. they can’t do anything if you are in germany. thanks, real helpful, illegal advice.

trying to close our bank accounts is another trip into the impossible. our "personal" bank account evildoer refuses to call us back. our bank also refuses to give out her or our bank branch’s direct number. 1 1/2 months later our money is still sitting in france. the information i pried out of some random woman on my last call is that our bank lady is on vacation this week. well good for her. and what the hell does that have to do with the past 6 weeks?

this morning i checked my email. the inbox reads: over 200 messages. 200 messages from a french "soiree" mailing list that i never bothered to unsubscribe from. these idiots haven’t realized that replying to the list email address goes back to everyone, including their dumb selves. the emails ranged from threatening legal action to cursing to attempting to unsubscribe. i found myself wishing they would go back to minitel and cause less havoc. or at least learn how to use a filter. geez.   


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