not much time left

not much time left

…to register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot

it’s berlin marathon weekend. yet folks act like they don’t know. on saturday, the normally dead street intersection in front of my spot was backed up all the way to Kottbusser Damm. the cooking demo i was halfheartedly planning to see at Galeries Lafayette was canceled. apparently the cooks from China hadn’t scheduled the thousands of rollerbladers into their travel plan. i had to dodge the last of the speeding skaters just to get back to the U-Bahn. hopefully i’ll manage to miss the runners today.

another event in Berlin that i missed was the MOMA exhibit. throughout august, i got the question – so… did you see the MOMA? pretty often. it was the "how’s the weather? how are the mets doing?" question of the summer. it seemed to take people awhile to link up the whole MOMA-New York connection. that maybe it was possible having grown up in new york i may have wandered into the museum of modern art, just once or twice. maybe. but whatever. my reply was that by the time i waited in line to get into the Neue National Galerie in Berlin, i could already be in New York. i guess sleeping bags are cheaper than easy jet. today i found out that when the MOMA reopens in NYC, the admission fee is reportedly going to be 20 BUCKS?!? 20 bucks to get into a museum. i remember heading to the Met for a high school art homework assignment and paying 27 cents for a group of 3. our take on their suggested admission. 20 bucks is way out of control. that price makes sleeping outside seem reasonable.

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