fall season. new place. same old.

fall season. new place. same old.

first it was just laziness and procrastination. then it was the rain. then it was love and affection for the sick boy who was coming home. i made soup and tea and secret wishes that i wasn’t going to get the same cold.

i wanted to be at the Black Atlantic event last night but not enough to wait for the bus at Alexanderplatz in the cold. instead i packed away summer clothes and took out the winter sweaters. i probably missed something good. i probably missed the white folk question. there is always one. it reminds me of college, back in the day. the one who stands up and says "well, why do black folk need a list of famous ancestors and inventors. i’ve lived in africa for 26 years. my son has an african father. i have no one famous in my family; no one has ever invented anything." or maybe "well why do you still need to have BLACK in the title? why can’t it be the hybridity atlantic or the creole atlantic?" since you can’t just wander off the street into Tiergarten, the huge park where Haus den Kulturen der Welt is located, i wonder how and why these people find themselves at an event with black people discussing issues relevant to black people. maybe zitty ist schuld?/zitty magazine is guilty, with its 50 million articles promoting Black Atlantic events in the latest issue.

i don’t know too many people in berlin. yet? i’m trying to perservere with going to do things alone. it can be difficult when i always seem to attract the crazy people. no matter how i try to look invisible in my seat or indifferent or evil, it happens. last time, an older woman with multiple colored stringy hair and layered clothing decided to be my neighbor. there were audio sets with translations of the discussion and hers was turned up louder than the panel members’ microphones. once people around her finally got her to turn down the volume, she would laugh at jokes loudly with a 5 second delay due to the translation while the rest of the room was silent. when she got up to ask a question, she headed to the mike still wearing her headphones. she realized she still had them on when she started speaking and heard the translation of what she just said. i’m convinced i ended up with the crazy people attraction gene from my mom. some things don’t seem to change no matter what country i’m in.

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